Inspiring the leaders of tomorrow

As one of the UK's leading contract manufacturers, science plays a huge role at Laleham Health & Beauty. From our engineering to our product development team, Laleham employ a large number of successful people passionate about anything technical and scientific with an interest in always improving manufacturing processes and developing innovative products. Because of this we believe Laleham can make a difference inspiring new generations to consider a scientific career path.

In the past few years Laleham staff has been involved in numerous events to provide insight on scientific careers. One of the most stimulating and rewarding events for both staff and students has been TeenTech, the initiative that inspires teenagers to consider careers in Science, Technology and Engineering.

After the success from last year, in June 2015 Laleham joined about 300 students and other 28 businesses in Basingstoke for an informative and challenging day. Laleham employees had the chance to talk to students about their experience, show what it means to work for a manufacturing company and the skills needed to work in engineering, manufacturing and science. Furthermore, Laleham was one of ten companies participating in the 'Challenge Zone'. Laleham ran a timed activity with students where they were involved filling a production on a scaled-down version of the mobile filling and testing equipments used in our factories. This was a challenging but rewarding activity for students and a unique opportunity to actively experience a manufacturing process.

In addition, Laleham has also been supporting Year 10 girls at Alton Convent School to submit their projects for the national Teen Tech Awards. The girls were tasked with developing an innovative commercial solution from a number of potential sectors. Laleham played a pivotal role in the mentoring, with Dawn Bonfield and Don Johnson kick-starting the activity with a briefing session organised at the school and Bath undergraduate Sophie Williams supporting the pupils on an ongoing basis.

The pupils were enthusiastic about the project and stated: "Working on the project has been extremely inspiring, it has opened our eyes to different sections of science we thought we would never delve into! Participating in Teen Tech has been rewarding in so many ways, seeing our naïve thoughts progress to such an extent that we have a marketable product is incredibly exciting!''

Thanks to Laleham and the pupils' effort in the past few months, Alton Convent School is one of only 30 of the 350 applicants to have reached the Grand Final of this exciting competition. The girls will be presenting their project next week in front of a commission of experts at the Royal Society in London.

 Laleham Team at TeenTech 
Laleham team on the stand
TeenTech Challange ZONE Laleham
A school group working on Laleham Health & Beauty production line challenge