Increasing awareness of career-related skills among young people

As one of the UK's leading full service contract manufacturers, Laleham Health & Beauty is committed to maintaining a talented workforce to support its current and future growth. To us this does not only mean providing continuous development for our current staff, but also inspiring new generations about their future careers. For this reason, in the last few years, Laleham staff have been involved in a series of career related events held in local schools and at the Laleham Alton facility. 

At the beginning of the year Laleham attended two career speed dating events, at Woking and Guilford schools, organised by social enterprise SATRO. These events were aimed at enabling young students to learn about the world of work, giving them the chance to meet various professionals and ask questions about their work, job roles, and chosen career path. Laleham Operations Director, Don Johnson, and Technical Engineering Manager, Paul Marr, were among those professionals to provide insight on careers in both manufacturing and engineering.

Another event was held in February at the Alton Convent School for Girls, where our engineering staff set up a Company stand to support the Women's Engineering Society, encouraging women to consider paths to Engineering and Science based careers. Various members of the Engineering and Operations team joined the event and shared ther insights into innovation and new product development with Year 10 pupils. University of Bath placement student, Sophie Williams, said "the students were drawn to our stand by the sample products we had on display, but after we started talking about Laleham, it was encouraging how many questions they asked about the business. We have such a vast variety of careers at Laleham, so were able to give the students an insight into what each job entails. The day was a success and was enjoyed in equal parts by the students and the five Laleham staff who attended."

Students visit Laleham Alton facilityOther recent events have been hosted by Laleham and have provided local students with the opportunity to meet staff from various departments including Neil Pratt from Engineering, Kim Goss from HR , Roger Rowson from Product Development and Neil Roberts from Warehousing. In a recent site visit, Hair and Beauty students from the Costello School also had the chance to visit our manufacturing plant to understand product development and manufacturing processes, as well as asking general business related questions that supported their academic studies and related examinations. Students really enjoyed seeing how products are made, and one of them said "I have never been in a factory before but found it fascinating how the products we use are made from beginning to end. The Laleham staff, who gave us a presentation of the company and took us into the Manufacturing and Production areas, were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable which made it a very interesting time. I was surprised at how I could relate our course work to the manufacture of products and this has helped me have a clearer picture how theory and real life merge."