beautyLaleham has the ability to deliver your individual product needs from initial concept, through lab development, manufacture and fill, to shelf, in an extensive range of formats.

We specialise in liquids, creams, scrubs, gels, emulsions, hot fill waxes, suspensions and flammable products and are constantly developing new personal care, toiletries and luxurious beauty products to meet our customer specific needs. As a leading manufacturer of beauty products, we are always very happy to consider investment in new technologies in order to assist our clients.

With an extensive range of manufacturing vessels, combined with our format based, PLC controlled filling profiles by product type; we can deal with even the most difficult bulks with ease. In addition, we have invested in increasingly sophisticated equipment in order to produce the widest range of beauty products. One example would be our hot fill machinery, where temperature control is critical to the finished product's functionality and appearance.

Why not contact one of our team today? They’ll be able to assist you by taking control of the project management and, in some cases, with the sourcing and development.

We can also advise and assist with the regulatory framework and product registration, in order that you can continue to focus on your brand and your customers.