Our Sites

We now offer a geographical spread with sites in Alton, Hampshire and Kirkham, Lancashire, providing more for our customers across the health and beauty sectors.

To find out more about our extensive range of expertise at each site, read below. Or if you wish to discuss our expertise and how Laleham Health & Beauty can help your business contact us

Alton, Hampshire

Our Alton site was purpose built in 2001 and is a state-of the-art 17,000m2 facility encompassing production, manufacturing, materials and warehousing. The site also houses fully equipped research and development laboratories.

The site has flexible filling systems and offers a three shift production schedule operating 5 days a week.  The production capacity is capable of increasing to 7 days a week if and when required.

Alton has road tanker delivery facility, both for raw materials or customer ready-made product.

Aside from the two multiple capability cosmetic manufacturing suites, there are two bespoke, separate, pharmaceutical suites.  Suite One is equipped for manufacture of product for human pharmaceutical use, whereas Suite Two is specifically utilised for veterinary pharmaceutical products.

The production, filling and packaging capabilities of the Laleham Alton site are:

  • 17 + production lines
  • Highly efficient automated lines, complimented by specialist filling equipment
  • Automation and hand fill systems, as required by customer needs
  • Primary and secondary packaging fulfilment
  • MHRA approved and licensed lines
  • Class 7 air handling equipment for filling orally ingested products
  • Specialist secondary packaging capabilities
  • An automatic cartoner utilising a choice of hot melt glue and no glue erection
  • Pharmacode and 2D code readers
  • Factory tracking system by batch codes and client product status updates

Kirkham, Lancashire

Our Kirkham site was established in 1976 on a sixteen-acre site, comprising four individual manufacturing rooms for the production of pharmaceuticals.

Finished product capacity includes, topicals, viscous emulsions, ointments, lotions, gels, liquid suspensions and syrups.  Additionally there is a base mixing facility to produce on site, cutting transportation and additional production costs for our partner clients.

The site has holding vessels of up to 25,000ltr for raw materials and incoming bulk deliveries, complemented by mixing vessels from 100ltr to 7,500ltr.

Filling is a speciality of the Kirkham site, offering segregated modular cells, allowing both choice and versatility with the option of automation and hand filling as required. Flexibility is the key to Kirkham, as we can adjust the capacity by shift, providing labour and production advantages.

Kirkham has the ability to pack in a variety of containers to suit customer requirements.  These include materials such as bottles, tubes, tottles and jars in glass, plastic or aluminium.  Also available are trigger, lotion, spray pumps and roll-on deodorant formats.

The production, filling and packaging capabilities of the Laleham Kirkham site are:

  • 4 manufacturing suites
  • 7 segregated modular cells and flexible filling lines
  • In-line bottle blowers
  • Multi-head fillers
  • Auto capping machines
  • Duplex labellers
  • Shrink wrappers
  • Carton erectors
  • Digital coders
  • Line camera system
  • Factory tracking system by batch codes to provide client production status updates
  • Each room is visually secured, to ensure client and product confidentiality

Our Kirkham site also has ample warehousing with spacious, fully racked facilities.  The warehouses are temperature controlled and have a bay location system for batch control.  There is a constant stock rotation, first in, first out and a Home Office Licence Duty Free for alcohol storage.